About Luke Alistar

I am me. There’s only one person in the world like me, and that’s me. If you meet another me, he’s an imposter.

Welcome to the blog of Luke Alistar! (That’s me.) I am a young freelance writer and I’ve self-published nine books. Writer’s Digest bought a short humor piece of mine, so I’m officially published. I’m currently trying to get a novel published traditionally while continuing to self-publish. Look through my posts and pages for more interesting stuff.

You can contact me at luke_alistar@mindwielders.com.

Because of my high demand as a critique-giver/editor, I have to decline reading your stuff and giving you feedback unless 1) you are a close friend of mine, or 2) you pay me. Your work should be formatted with one inch margins, letter-size paper, twelve-point courier new double-spaced font. Rates are $0.80 per page for anything over 200 pages, a flat rate of $160 for works between 100 and 200 pages, a flat rate of $100 between 20 and 100 pages,  and $0.03 per word for anything under 20 pages (up to a maximum of $100). I am detailed in my feedback. I may spend two to four minutes or even longer on each page.

If you are interested in my services, send me an email at the address above. Give me the first ten pages of your story in a Word document or .txt file, and specify the word count of the complete story.

6 responses to “About Luke Alistar

  1. Of course I have to be contrary to Samii (just because, hey, I AM the Devious one, you know) but I don’t like the new blog. I liked the old one. :( To me, it was easier to read, and easier to navigate.
    But this one is cool. Cool colors. Just bring back the sidebar where I can navigate by topic and not just by date of post, and I’ll be cool as a cucumber :P

  2. Ah, okay. I’ll have to try that, then. I always found the categories to be the easiest way to locate cool posts. ;)

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