Day 60: A Big Red Book

See this big red book? It’s set beside my 8.25×5.5-inch, 316-page novel for size comparison. The red one has 683 pages packed tight with words, and it’s 6×9 inches. What’s in it? All my old stories. It’s called ‘Early, Abandoned, and Unfinished Writings.’

It’s what I wrote in the process of learning to write. 256,000 words that will never be edited and published, only printed in this one single volume for my personal library. Almost all of those words I wrote before Offset, which was my first book that’s almost worth of publication.

Those of you writing and feeling like you’re no good, keep at it. If you really do want to be a writer, lay down at least a quarter million words before you consider leaving it as a mere hobby.

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