Character Interview – Ignacio Namid

Welcome to a cool new feature of my blog, done in conjunction (or cahoots, that sounds better) with Samii.

We will be interviewing each other’s characters and posting said interviews on our blogs at intervals. Here is a link for her interview of my character Lucy Satin, from The Unseen.

What follows is a talk with Ignacio Namid, the main character of her novel The Line Between.

Luke Alistar: Well, it’s nice to talk to you again.

Ignacio: I suppose. At least you aren’t a fangirl. I get that a lot. I don’t know why. (He runs a hand through his hair) Oh well. (Zephyra, go away. He didn’t want to talk to you. Maybe some other time.) My author is excited about this affair being monthly.

LA: Yes. You might call me a ‘fanman’ though. I’ve admired how you treat your sister and look after her ever since I read the first chapter of your story a couple years ago.

Ignacio: I am a failure at taking care of her though. I let so many horrible things happen to her. I do better now. Or try

LA: Trying is good. Now, for the people who don’t know you, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself and your story?

Ignacio: Trying is only trying, not succeeding.

LA: Sometimes all you can do is try your best.

Ignacio: Well, as stated before, I’m Ignacio Namid, Ig for short although my sister calls me Iggy and my author calls me Iguana. I don’t know why. I am 23 years old, five years older than my sister, Zephyra. I am a Roamer and in most places that means I’m of less worth than dirt. Which is entirely true. People guard and defend and pay dearly for their pieces of dirt. They recklessly destroy the lives of Roamers.

As far as my life goes… My parents were murdered by Lord Baqer when I was 9 years old; Zephyra was 5 at the time. Before my father died he made me swear to take care of my sister. Swear on my life, swear before God. And I did. We fled from our burning home, completely unaware that in 11 years Lord Baqer would be back to destroy our fragile lives.

There is a myth, I suppose, about Roamers. When we ruled our own lands and practiced our religion without oppression and interference, angels – or you would call them angels in your language, they have a slightly different meaning in mine – walked among us. Sometimes they would grant those in despair great powers, powers to control their world.

As Zephyra and I collapsed in the woods after running from the only home we knew, one of these angels came to us. The next day I could do strange things… Things with fire. I was terrified, after all, my entire world was just destroyed by fire. But soon I realized that fire was the only way I could save myself. With my control of fire and my sister’s control of wind, we became a traveling act scraping by.

(Samii breaks in: Ignacio, you are giving away the whole story here!)

Sorry, sorry. Long story short – Lord Baqer comes back into our lives, poisons my sister fatally and I desperately search for an elusive cure.

LA: Wow. That’s…a lot to take in.

Ignacio: Sorry

LA: You seem…I’m trying to think of the right word here. You seem very passionate. Do you think there’s a specific reason you were given firepower? (Sorry, bad joke…)

Ignacio: Why I was given fire powers specifically?

LA: Yeah

Ignacio: I’m not really sure. I don’t think I’m anything like fire, hot and inconstant.

LA: It was just something that I wondered about. How has this ability helped you take care of yourself and your sister?

Ignacio: I can make money. Money helps with everything

LA: Mostly, yes. How exactly do you go about earning money? Or do people have to read your book to find out?

Ignacio: We put on shows with our powers.

LA: Cool. Yeah, I’ve read about those, and they’re very interesting to watch. So, moving on…what do you think about your author?

Ignacio: She’s…interesting. Why?

LA: I thought it would be interesting to see what a character thinks of the person who created him.

Ignacio: I like her.

LA: Is that all?

Ignacio: What else do you want to know about her? I do like her. She’s a very sweet girl and incredibly intelligent.

LA: Okay. We’ll leave it at that. I don’t think I have anything else, so…is there anything at all you’d like to say?

Ignacio: I don’t think so. Zephyra says hi and that she wants to be interviewed next. I wouldn’t recommend that. She might talk for hours. (He chuckles.) She’s yelling at me for saying that. Don’t sulk, Zef, it isn’t becoming.

LA: I’ll probably interview her. Just between you and me. I like her a lot and she always makes me smile.

Ignacio: She always makes me smile too. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

LA: Well, I’m glad you have her still. Thanks for talking with me, Ignacio.

Ignacio: Thank you, I think. (Bows.)

LA: Talk to you later.

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One response to “Character Interview – Ignacio Namid

  1. Hello Luke I’ve just read “The Unseen” and I must confess that it really moved me. You are such an artist, I really admire you. Your book came to me almost by accident and I wanted to get more from you, so I find you here :) What´s more, I was glad to see that there’s a interview to Lucy Satin. However, I cannot follow the link some kind of error locks it. Could you please send it to me here or to my account? I really need it as I am going to deliver a class about your book at college. I beg you pardon for my English, I´m from Argentina. I´m looking forward for your answer. My mail is

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